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T-RS Series
Temperature Test Chamber with Turn-table

Test Space Volume
252L, 1000L and 2400L (17.6, 35.3 and 84.8 ft³)

Temperature Range:
-70°C to +150°C

Temperature changing rate
5°C /min : -55°C ~+70°C

• One electric heating anti-sweat insulating glass observation window.
• Cable ports on the left and right respectively
• Two sets of sample holders
• One illuminating lamp
• One time accumulator
• One power cord(with a length of approximately 6m)
• One test sample power supply control terminal
• One RS485 interface
• One USB interface and one USB stick
• Compressor overpressure
• Compressor motor overheat and over-current
• Insufficient pressure of cooling water supply
• Over-temperature protection
• Temperature fuse
• Fan overheat protection
• Main power supply phase sequence and phase protection
• Leakage protection
• Load short-circuit protection