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T(H)-VH Series
Vibration Combined Climatic Test Chamber

Test Space Volume
613L, 1200L and 2730L

Temperature Range:
-70°C to +150°C 

Humidity Range
(25-98)%RH/ (20-85)°C 

•Hinged single-door, observation windows, with electric heating device (auto-adjust) to prevent the observation windows from frosting and condensing.
•Cable ports, for you design.
•Movable specimen rack: 2 shelves. Load capacity (uniform) 25kg/shelf. (55lb)
•Interior LED lighting recessed clear of work space
•Chamber floor designed to be changeable to accommodate different slide-in “floor plugs” for vibration systems.
• Manual clamps are used to seal the floor plugs to the chamber frame when installed. Two floor plugs are provided.
•Interface heights for vertical and horizontal are to be specified at time of order for an exact fit to the shaker system.
   — Diaphragm floor plug for use with a vertical vibration system (specify floor height)
   — Embedded perimeter heaters in floor plugs to avoid condensation and freeze-up
   — Teflon glides in floor slot make floor replacement very easy
•Exterior is painted ETS slate blue and gray
•Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire heater
•Control modes: non-contact cycle pulse-width-modulated, SSR
•Instrumentation console mounted to the right of the sliding door
•Three levels of overheat protection including an independent, adjustable sensor
•Chamber running time meter
•Electrical disconnect switch for main power
•Specimen power interlock relay for chamber and sample protection