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T(H)- R Series
High Change Rate Climatic Test Chamber

Test Space Volume
200L, 504L, 1000L and 2400L (17.6, 35.3 and 84.8 ft³)

Temperature Range:
-70°C to +150°C

Humidity Range
(25-98)%RH/ (20-85)°C

•  High load capacity
•  Lower sound levels, even for air-cooled models
•  High brightness LED lighting with long useful life
•  Bilateral cable ports available
•  Multiple independent over-temperature protection
•  Specimen power supply control terminal
•  Refrigeration gauges and hinged service panels for easy maintenance
•  5.7-inch TFT color touch screen program controller
•  RS-485/Ethernet centralized monitoring
•  Remote fault diagnosis
•  Environmentally friendly refrigerant
•  Temperature cycling as fast as 15°C per minute